Not Sure About Having A Wedding Video...?
This page is designed for couples who are still looking and thinking about a wedding video, but haven't yet decided whether to have their day filmed.

If someone has genuine concerns then I feel that those concerns should be addressed.  It would be a shame if someone decided NOT to have their day filmed and then regretted it afterwards when there was, perhaps, a solution. I believe in being 'transparent' with my clients as already stated in the ABOUT page, and that's why this page is here.

It may well be the 'thought' of intrusion that is the issue, perhaps based on experience at another wedding or hearing about a videographer from someone else. Unlike some videographers I have heard of, I don't take over the running of the day and organise every single shot, and I don't have to be 'right-on-top-of-you'  in order to get the best shots!  This just spoils the flow of your day and I'm sure is something you simply wouldn't want to entertain anyway. It's just not necessary.

If intrusion is your main concern then there's no need to worry, because with 'Simplicity'  you'll hardly notice I'm there on the day!   (See 'Wedding Testimonials' .) Also, when you book you'll get me personally and not someone who is unknown or new to wedding videography.

If you would genuinely like your day filmed but have a question or concern not covered within the website, please complete the ENQUIRY FORM and add your concern in the box provided. I will email you back and help you all I can.  It would be a shame if your particular problem could have been resolved, but you simply didn't like to ask.

Looking - But Still Uncertain...?
Your day only happens ONCE - and no other service provided on your day can capture the day's events as they happen. There are many couples who have regretted not having their wedding day filmed.

Ultimately, of course, it's your decision, but if you are still 99% against having it filmed, then please take a quick look at the short clip via the link below.  It's as relevant today as it was at the time, and although it's about a couple in the USA, those same wants, needs, feelings, and sentiments about their wedding day will still apply to couples just as much here in the UK.

So take a quick look at the clip now - whilst you're here...