The Wedding Video Service:
For your day there are three coverage options available when booking 'Simplicity ' which means you can choose the filming period for your day to suit your needs.  The minimum attendance time is 8 hours, which should cover pretty much all the key elements of your day, plus if you require additional coverage there are two alternatives available. All wedding films are given a cinematic feel whichever style option you eventually decide on.

Traditional Style:
The Traditional style 'Simplicity ' offers is very much of a straightforward 'fly-on'the-wall' documentary style, which follows the sequence of events throughout the day as it unfolds.  I have found that this particular style to be the most popular, and the style that most couples have preferred over the years.

Being as unobtrusive as possible throughout the day ensures there won't be any set-pieces staged unless there is a valid purpose or reason for doing so, therefore any unecessary intrusion into your special day is unlikely.  

Although this popular style follows the events of the day just as it happens, we don't continually film exactly the same shots as the photographer.  Video is a moving medium and 'Simplicity '  are your eyes and ears for your day capturing alternative scenes you would probably never get to see. Your finished DVD will portray your day - just as it happened - carefully and creatively edited and cut to the music of your choice, giving it a tempo and feel that will make it uniquely your own.  Both long-form and short-form versions are available.

Contemporary Styles:
For a more Contemporary feel 'Simplicity ' offers two types of narrative based wedding video, both of which offer a slightly different take on your day. These create a unique over-view of the whole day's events in a more interesting way. 

Being a more creative style than the Traditional version, the key video will be short form, usually around 20-30mins long.  However, lightly edited versions of the ceremony and speeches will also be provided for those who would like to view them.

In all cases every wedding booked receives five final DVD copies with personalised inserts as standard included in the price, and these will be sent to you as soon as they are ready.

(To view a short section of a narrative contemporary demo - CLICK HERE.)

Your Wedding Trailer:
As soon as practicable after the wedding day itself, a web page with a 'wedding video trailer'  is created for you, your relatives and friends to view online.   From this wedding video trailer page they will also be able to order a discounted advance DVD copy.   To get an idea how this website page looks, you can view the trailer clip on the page by CLICKING HERE. (This can be delayed until you return from honeymoon if you wish.)

Wedding Extras:

 'Simplicity '  can offer 'extras' too. Most of these tend to be asked for by couples anyway, so the price does depend on what is actually requested. Some are listed in our price list plus there are a few previous examples available to view online if required.

Video Prices & Availability:
'Simplicity '  prices are calculated based on the time of year, wedding location, content, coverage, and any specific requirements or extras you might wish to have. The price can vary from wedding to wedding so the final cost will need to be confirmed with you.

So that I can discuss your wedding day plans with you in more detail, it is a good idea to check availability first via the Date Availability Checker. If free you will automatically be taken to the ENQUIRY FORM where you can then complete some brief details, submit it, and I can then get back to you as soon as possible.
(If you should choose to telephone first and I'm not available - please do leave a message!  I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can.)

Wedding Brochure:
Prices start from around £650.00 depending on your wedding and when you book. If you would like to download our wedding brochure and price list - CLICK HERE.